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Fishwick Longhorn & Simmental Herd

The farm is situated on the North bank of the river Tweed, in the Scottish Borders, where the Fishwick Longhorn and Simmental cattle graze.

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Overlooking the Tweed Valley, you will find Long Orchard, where there is a fine selection of poultry, horses & some young stock & show stock Longhorn & Simmental cattle

Longhorn Herd

How it all started in 1978 with a commercial role to... 15 Royal Show Champions!... to the most delicious traditional British beef around!

Simmental Herd

Our Simmental herd...

Longhorn Beef

Longhorns are the oldest British breed of cattle and the beef is now widely acknowledged as being of the finest quality. Prices start at £5.50 /kg

Longhorn Hide Rugs

The sheer natural beauty of the British Longhorn lends itself to an unequalled range of absolutely stunning Rugs and Throws

Latest News

For Sale

We have a selection of livestock for sale. Please contact us for details.

New Website

Our new website is up and running! Finally! We will keep you updated with our latest news, what livestock we have for sale and any special offers on our beef! […]


Enquiries welcome for breeding cockerels, point of lay pullets subject to availability.

We have the following breeds:
Cream Legbar (blue egg layers)
Exchequer Leghorns (white layers)
Light Sussex (tinted egg layers)
Welsummers (brown egg layers
Jubilee Orpington (tinted egg layers)

Free range eggs for sale £2.40 per dozen
01289 386181
Enquiries always welcome!